Tabletop roleplaying - The Singularity System


The Singularity System is a setting-neutral toolkit for science fiction roleplaying, adventure, and giant fighting robots in the far future. It takes a wide-open toolkitting approach to adding the content the user wants for their game.



The game uses a streamlined, fast-generating, extremely customizable, proprietary d6 system (the titularĀ Singularity System) with dice pools. The system has been built from the ground up to serve not the setting, but the genre of far-future science fiction adventure.

It includes starship and vehicle combat rules that have enough depth to be a war-game in-and-of themselves, but simple enough to learn in an evening.

Expansion Modules add tons of extra content onto the base game, more weapons, vehicles, gear, rules for customizing weapons and gear, cyberware, alien races, rules for designing your own alien races, rules for designing your own mechs, starships, rules for being an interstellar trader, hacking, virtual reality, genetic engineering, and so on.


Singularity System Errata