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A Modern Day Psychopunk Roleplaying Game


In Psionics, you play as Espers, troubled youths whose enormous psychic powers are about to violently awaken. As you grow into your power, you will wield mind-blowing psi talents like telekinesispyrokinesistelepathy, and mind control to push back, hard, against parents, teachers, peers, and the system that has pushed you around and held you down.

Six sinister Conspiracies lurk in the shadows of a world that is superficially identical to our own. When they become aware of your existence, they will come after you, seeking to bend your will and your power to their own hidden agendas of world domination. You’ll have to choose: to pick a side, to walk a tightrope of factional intrigue, to fight back, or to run.

But no matter what you choose, your life, and the world, will never be the same.

They have a private army of police, secret agents, security guards, and mercenaries to enforce their will on the world.They have spun a sinister web of plans within plans, schemes within schemes. They have drugs, and doctors, and needles, and tests.

But your mind is the deadliest weapon the world has ever seen, and you can fly.


Psionics uses the DicePunk System. 

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