Tabletop roleplaying - Phantasm 2010


Phantasm (2010) is a totally free, complete tabletop roleplaying game made in tribute to the Phantasm series and other seminal works of the grindhouse and horror genres, such as Hellraiser, The Crow, and the Evil Dead series.

Phantasm (2010) uses the DicePunk rules system, but all you need to play Phantasm (2010) is this rulebook and a few six-sided dice. This rulebook comes complete with bookmarks and hyperlinks for ease of use, and features original full-color art.

Reviews for Phantasm (2010)

"Extremely detailed, at over 200 pages. Background template throughout book sustains the horror mood. Love the description-heavy richness, which goes past the usual ubiquity of stat blocks. Thank you for making this product." - Alan H.

"Let me start by saying that I can't believe this is a free game. The production quality is outstanding! I've had games I've paid for which weren't half as beautifully laid out and produced. I wish all game makers made product as lovely as this is. ...Overall I'm happy with Phantasm (2010). You can't beat the price or the production quality. There's a lot there to work with and it looks like it would make for a good pickup game or even long-running campaign with the right setup. For the spirit I'm looking for I'd only ever run it in Badass-normal mode, on the Joe Average end of the spectrum, but that's just me. I'm happy that the system will let me do that. I gladly would run or play this game." - Mark M.

"I have to agree with the other reviewer who said they couldn't believe the game was FREE. It's really professionally done. One gripe is that I feel with the game mechanics and great writing, I wish this game would have been more of a generic paranormal game and less "fannish" as the art director for the game put it. Fortunately, the designers of this game are at work on another one. It would be great if that game was a "go to", all encompassing horror game that covered everything paranormal and everything generally in the horror genre. Somrthing that might compete with World of Darkness... This is FREE!! Get it now, it's great." - James M.

ENnie awards nominee