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Splinter Superstar Profile: Kade Merek

"You want to kill your idols? Well step right up and goddamn try."

Ronald Singh is the most popular Player the Game has ever known. As the voice and mind behind Kade Merek, Needlekin assassin, his Adventures have sold billions of copies and garnered millions of subscribers and fans the world over. This in-depth bio profiles the rise of Kade Merek, from Singh's conscription into the game as an Amateur at the age of 19 and his very first short form matches through the Long Form Adventures that made "Jacknife Kade" a legend, like Massacre at Lost Moorstoke (2455) and Quest For The Shade Diadem (2458), to recent events like Merek's accession to the position of Royal Assassin for the Novembrist Court. Come and relive the story, and celebrate the man behind the legend!

Complete game statistics for Ronald Singh and Kade Merek are also provided.

This product is a suppliment to the S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R. roleplaying game by End Transmission Games LLC.