Faction Reports

Here is how to make a faction report:

  • The Subject of the e-mail should be “SM Faction Report - Character Name - Faction Name - Date”. The date should be the real world date. Do not send a faction report as part of an SP Petition or as a response to another e-mail. Send it as a separate e-mail.

  • Faction reports may not be
  • The faction report should be typed directly into the body of the e-mail. Supplemental information or documents can be handled with attached files.

  • The faction report should be headed with the following style-guide. 

    FROM: YourCharacter’sEmailAddress@PT077.XXXX (Where X = any random letter or number)
    TO: YourCharacter’sHandler’sEmailAddress@PlanetCode.RandomNumbersAndLetters. Feel free to ask staff the email address and name of your handler.
    SUBJECT: Anything you want.
    0000 Hours [Military Style Time Code]/XX.YY.ZZ where XX is the in-game month, YY is the in-game day, and ZZ is the in-game year. 
    -Level X Encryption Engaged- If you want to use encryption. X = CYB + Nanotech Lockpick uses per day.

  • The report should end with… ((Your current Loyalty Level, Title & Loyalty Points. Include in double parentheses.))


FROM: E1.B.Reinhardt@PT-092.JKSSocket.006
TO: CPT.J.Tanner@PT-092.SVTX091
SUBJECT: Re: Mission Progress
1100 Hours/04.20.33

Dear Sirs:
The situation is more dire than previously expected. Although it has only been two days since I was dispatched to the planet, I have already encountered more combat than I had in several months prior. However, I have also had the opportunity to introduce myself to the various members of the Homesteader's Union and the representatives who have been sent for the purposes of colonization and expansion.

As I reported during my check-in message, we are in need of supplies and reinforcements. The Exodus Front has a stronghold on the planet’s surface. I do not know the source of their current funding or resources. However, they out arm the colonists and they have employed robots of various sophistication. These robots have been sent out to sabotage the colonists’ efforts at building the atmosphere and the Comms Array. Credits and Nanites are in short supply with the colonists, which have led to several delays and setbacks, particularly after Exodus Front attacks.

As for my specific tasks for this mission, I have the following to report:

1) Regarding the investigation of the colonists’ disappearances three years ago -

There have been sources of energy that are unaccounted for and unexplained on the planet’s surface. These energy beings (for lack of a better and less hysterical term) are unidentified, and thus far I have no way of divining their origin or their purpose. There seem to be two types of these energy beings - one which interacts with colonists: following them, causing mischief or attacking, and ones that seem wholly unaware of events around them, more like psychic echos. I am doing everything in my mental power to find a means of identifying them. They are thus far not open to communication. They are vulnerable to fire and to life magic and so any resources or weapons that might provide those two sources would be helpful.

The black box was recovered from the site of the crash (more information below) which has been decoded by a source belonging to one of the colonists, supposedly a contact at a University. I am waiting for more information about that source. The contents of the black box have been partially decoded and appear to be taken from numerous firsthand sources. Two names have been mentioned, and I am passing the text along with this report. If anything further can be identified - I will do what research that I can as well.

The text makes reference to the energy beings mentioned above, going so far as to say that they are separate, of separate origins.

Regarding the second type, I have born firsthand witness to an echo, an image of a man crouched over a panel trying frantically to enter information. Two security guards come to arrest him. Rather than be arrested, he killed both guards and went to continue his task, before disappearing. This incident might be related to the disappearance and to the information in the text. The text makes reference to what could be a nuclear explosion. On the surface of the planet, we found a shadow that appeared to be burned into the rock, the same way as in ancient images of nuclear explosions in the past, such as Hiroshima. These might also be related.

I am trying to befriend the colonists and build up trust, so that I can gain more information.

2) Regarding the unidentified crash recently -

The colonists with whom I am currently posted went to the site of the crash soon after it happened. When they arrived, the craft was unrecognizable, belonging to no known factions. Nobody was alive at the crashsite, and the wreckage was aflame, rapidly deteriorating. Exodus Front also arrived to scavange, and a fight broke out. The colonists were able to recover some items from the crash site, and everything else was either taken by Exodus Front (the contents and whereabouts are unknown) or was destroyed.

In addition to the black box (explained above), some weapons were recovered, including a large gun the likes of which I have never seen before, and neither have the colonists. It packs a powerful punch, but it has limited ammunition. We are trying to replicate the ammunition, and we do not want this gun to fall into the wrong hands. I hope to compile a full list of items that were recovered, and to send them to you for cataloguing and cross-reference.

Outside of the specific mission statements, there have been some problems. There have been frequent difficulties with the ship, including equipment failure, particularly with the gravity lift. I am concerned about security although not to the point of feeling that I need to be rescued. The colonists believe that there is an Exodus Front spy or mole within the ranks. The number one candidate is designated LaVossier, a priest with the Church who denies being a member of Exodus Front. He has had opportunity and the skills to engage in sabotage of the equipment, and, if he is a spy, he has motive as well. Nothing has been proven, and my beliefs about his loyalties are inconclusive. He has done much to aid the colonists, including saving my life after an Exodus Front ambush (the attack claimed my vac suit, but I have gained another, although of a less advanced model). At the same time, he doesn’t fight, and several of the colonists are suspicious of him.

Within the first few minutes of my arrival at the ship, the security officer, designated Peter Drevic, shot him in the back of the head with a supposedly rubber bullet, to place him under arrest for interrogation. When they emerged, he was bleeding. He has since been arrested again under suspicion of being a traitor, and was kept in a makeshift brig (a storage closet) although he has since left. He has lockpicking abilities, the likes of which I have not seen in person before. He was enticed to send a message to the Church, as he claims that he will seek an injunction on our behalf to keep us safe, for what little good that will do. Tensions are high because of the distrust, and the fact that the patron of the colonizing mission with the HOA is angry about his breaking out.

House Yamamoto has a presence here as well, and there are some suspicions that one or both of their representatives are involved in the sabotage, although full reasons have not yet been uncovered. I am watching and interviewing everyone that I can.

As I mentioned, there have been some major setbacks. While the comms array tower is finally working, it has taken far too long. What progress had been gained has been undone due to attacks on the robots. Additionally, yesterday while we were working on the tower and after an ambush, the tower exploded, undoing most of the work that had been done and progress gained. In my capacity as an ONI agent, I have conducted interviews with everyone present at the time. My findings are listed above, with two potential leads explained. I continue to be vigilant.

Finally, the second in command from House Dresden was killed yesterday. She was last seen with Drevic, and there is suspicion that he might have killed her. He claims that she was killed by Exodus Front. Drevic had previously saved her life in a battle before I arrived. He had also previously killed another colonist in a fight, supposedly as revenge for her attacking him, when she believed that he was with Exodus Front. This occurred before my arrival, and I am teasing out the events as they transpired. These are the people with whom I have been stationed, and these are my concerns at present.

As for the progress on the planet’s surface, the Comms Array Tower has been completed and we can now make contact, as evidenced by my report. We have yet to complete the artificial atmosphere or any other sources of energy. We are doing our best wiht almost no resources. As more devices go online, I will provide updates. Ship power is somewhat stable at present, although we might find ourselves trapped again for a time, if we do not have a better means of repairs.

I will continue my reports in accordance with protocol.

Ensign Benjamin Reinhardt, signing out.

((Loyalty Level 1 - Ensign - 50 Loyalty Points))