System Reference Document


Weapon Type

Short Range (No Attack Penalty)

Medium Range (-1 Attack Penalty)

Long Range (-4 Attack Penalty)

Any Melee/Unarmed

<1 Yard



Muscle-Powered Weapon (Bow, Grenade, or Throwing Knife)

Strength × 2 Yards

Strength × 4 Yards

Strength × 6 Yards

Pistol (Including Taser and Mini Crossbow)

5 Yards (Max Range for Tasers)

30 Yards

90 Yards


5 Yards (+1d6 Damage within this range.)

40 Yards (-2 DM to Defender within this range.)

80 Yards


15 Yards

50 Yards

120 Yards

Rifle (Sniper, Hunting, or Tranquilizer, Including Barrett .50 BMG Sniper Rifles)

50 Yards

100 Yards

250 Yards

Rifle (Assault)

25 Yards

75 Yards

150 Yards

Machine Gun

40 Yards

90 Yards

150 Yards

Heavy Weapon (Rocket Launcher; Grenade Launcher)

50 Yards

100 Yards

150 Yards


Note1: Weapons effectively cannot be used on targets farther away than “Long Range”. 

Note2: Characters with the Longshot Technique double the range restrictions for each range category when using firearms. For instance, a character with Longshot using a pistol would treat targets within 10 Yards as at short range, would treat targets within 60 Yards as within medium range, and could hit targets within 180 Yards! 

Note3: The maximum ranges listed here are the ranges at which characters might realistically have a chance of hitting a target; they are not meant to reflect how far a weapon can throw a projectile.