System Reference Document


Rate of Fire

Reload Time

Clip [C]

One Move Action to change clips. Loading rounds into an empty clip, however, is a Full Turn Action to load Speed rounds into the clip.

Cylinder [Cy]

If using a Speedloader, an Attack Action allows you to fully reload a cylinder. Otherwise, you may only load ½ Speed (round up) rounds with an Attack Action.

Internal Magazine [M]

Three Options: #1: Use an Attack Action to reload ½ Speed (round up) rounds. #2: Use a Full Turn Action to fully reload the magazine. #3: Make a successful Speed Check to load ½ Speed (round up) rounds as a Move Action. Failure indicates no rounds loaded.

Belt [Blt]

10 - Speed (minimum 1) Full Turn Actions. If a character assists you with changing belts, this can be done in one Full Turn Action from each of you.

Break [Br]

One Attack Action or a Move Action and a successful Speed Check; failure indicates no rounds loaded.

Drum [D]

One Move Action to remove the previous drum and one Attack Action to attach a fresh drum.