System Reference Document


To Attack a character in melee, you must close to within one yard and make an Attack Roll, rolling 2d6 and adding your Skill Bonus from Blades (if using an edged weapon), Clubs (if using a blunt weapon), or Brawling (if unarmed or using an improvised weapon). If your result is equal to or greater than the target's Defense, you hit, although the target may still have the option to Counter Attack or reflexively Dodge depending on what Techniques the target knows. 

In the default mode of play, a basic human being's punch or kick deals 1d6 + Strength Subdual Damage, but this can change based on Campaign Power Level

Attacks with melee weapons also benefit from Strength. Add ½ your Strength (round up) to the damage of one-handed melee weapons (like kitchen knives, claw hammers, and rapiers), and your full Strength to the damage of two-handed melee weapons (like baseball bats, pick-axes, and claymores).