System Reference Document


This section includes the descriptions, prices, and game statistics for a basic and generic smattering of the weapons, drugs, and other equipment that might be used or encountered by PCs in a DicePunk System campaign. 

Weapons include improvised and not-so-improvised melee weapons and, of course, a selection of firearms. (Astute readers may notice that the selection of firearms presented in Phantasm(2010) evokes more of a rural, grindhouse horror flavor, and the selection of firearms presented in Psionics evokes more of a modern, military, espionage feel.) 

One game statistic not listed here for firearms is range; the firearm range table appears here. Other equipment includes useful things like body armor and first aid kits. 

Prices for most weapons and equipment are based loosely on common prices for those items in the early 21st century, with a fair amount of room for creative license. 

Remember that, at character creation, you get: 

1 Free Weapon Pick for any Combat Skill that you’re an Apprentice in.

2 Free Weapon Picks for any Combat Skill that you’re an Expert in.

4 Free Weapon Picks for any Combat Skill that you’ve Mastered.

Better and harder to find weapons cost more than one Pick, and the number of Picks a weapon costs will be indicated next to its price. 

Permanent possessions, such as vehicles and homes, are not included here. Nor are mundane possessions, such as cellular phones, clothing, and personal computers. Your GM should let you begin with these for free at the start of the campaign, but that doesn't mean you'll be allowed to keep them. Some characters wind up either fugitives – living hand to mouth on the run, driving what they can steal and crashing wherever seems safe for the night – or organizational pawns, living with whatever's been issued to them.