System Reference Document


Weapon accessories can be installed on weapons by making a Gunsmith Skill Test – the difficulty can vary from Very Easy (+4) to Hard (-2) at the GM’s discretion. Accessories cannot be installed on weapons that already come with the same accessory “built in,” or on heavy weapons





Foregrip/Folding Stock

Reduce Recoil Penalties by 1.

Pistols and machine pistols tend to have folding stocks whereas SMGs and shotguns tend to have foregrips. GM’s discretion.



A normal gunshot can be heard anywhere within 100 yards with a Very Easy Wits Check. Hearing a silenced gunshot from the same range is a Hard Wits Check. The same applies to pinpointing the location of a concealed attacker.

Pistols and rifles have silencers – automatic weapons have suppressors. Shotguns and revolvers can’t be silenced or suppressed. Incompatible with Bayonet.


Laser Aiming Module

Provides a +2 Bonus to Attack Rolls but also provides a +2 Bonus to Speed Checks to Dodge the Attack.

Incompatible with all Scopes. GM’s discretion for which weapons can have laser sights.



Reduce Range Penalties by 1. Enables use of “Sniper” Technique.

Incompatible with L.A.M. or Military Scope. Usually only for revolvers and magnums.


Military Scope

Reduce Range Penalties by 1. Enables use of “Sniper” Technique. +2 Bonus to Attack Rolls.

Assault rifles and sniper rifles only. Incompatible with LAM and Scope.



Can be used as Bayonet (melee weapon).

Rifles/shotguns only.