System Reference Document


These weapons are all used with the Throwing Weapons Combat Skill. Throwing weapons can be thrown with one hand, but readying a throwing weapon is a Move Action that requires both hands to be more-or-less free. If you purchase a throwing weapon with a Pick or Picks, you receive 2d6 of that weapon – otherwise the prices listed are for individual throwing weapons. 




Picks (Price)

Throwing Knife

1d6 + Strength


1 ($10)


1d6 + Speed

+1 to Attack Rolls with this weapon.

2 ($25)

Molotov Cocktail


Targets within one yard of ground zero take full damage; targets two yards away take only 2d6, and targets three yards away take only 1d6 damage. Targets further than three yards away are unaffected. All targets damaged this way are on fire and take 1d6 fire damage per Turn unless extinguished with a successful Speed Check and Full Turn Action.

2 ($60)

Gas Grenade

As toxin.

Can be filled with one dose of any drug or toxin that can be aerosolized as a gas. Once fired, spreads a cloud of gas covering a radius out to 2d6 yards from point of impact. This gas cloud may move or disperse with the wind at the GM's discretion.

3 ($175 plus toxin)

Fragmentation Grenade


Only the targets within a yard of ground zero take the full damage. For every yard away a target is, they take 2d6 less damage. For instance, a target two yards away would take only 4d6 damage.

3 ($350)