System Reference Document


(a sliding scale from not dead to dead) 

Your character can inhabit various states of being. 

Fresh characters are perfectly healthy to lightly wounded and have no significant penalties. 

Wounded characters are at or below one half their Health (rounded up). They receive a -2 to Strength and Speed (Min. 1)

Dying characters are those at or below 0 Health. While they can still move and act as long as they are not alsoUnconscious (see below) they may take only one Move Action or one Attack Action each Combat Turn. More importantly, they lose 1 Health each Combat Round until they die or are stabilized by a First Aid Test. No amount of Subdual damage can ever reduce a character past 0 Health. 

Unconscious characters are those whose Health is at or below their Knockout Threshold. They are almost certainly Wounded, and may also be Dying. Unconscious characters regain 1d6 Health in 10 - Strength hours, and regain consciousness if that brings them above their Knockout Threshold and they are not Dying. Unconscious characters can't do anything. 

Dead characters are those whose Health is at or below their Death Threshold. Depending on their stats, it is possible for a character to die without first being knocked unconscious, but not without being first Wounded, and then Dying. If your character is dead, you will have to make a new one.