System Reference Document


A character who makes a successful Melee Attack may choose to Grapple instead. Instead of making a normalAttack Roll, the two characters have a Strength Contest. If the defender knows and decides to use the Dodge Technique in response, the Grapple attempt automatically fails. Do not roll. If the defender knows and decides to use the Counter Attack Technique in response, resolve their Melee Counter Attack first. Only proceed with the Strength Contest if the grabbing character survives the Counter Attack. 

If the attacker wins the Strength Contest, the defending character is successfully Grappled. Grappled characters may not take any actions but attempting a Strength Contest to break free. If a Grappled character successfully breaks free, he may then Grapple the other character, thereby turning the tables. 

The character maintaining the Grapple may deal Unarmed Damage to the Grappled character by winning a Strength Contest as a Full Turn Action. Simply maintaining the Grapple is a Full Turn Action with no Test needed. 

Making a Strength Contest to Grapple – whether trying to deal Unarmed Damage or to escape from a Grapple – is a Full Turn Action. 

Grappled characters have their Defense reduced to 5. Grappling characters have their Defense reduced by 3 points.