System Reference Document


This section tells you the very basics of how to play RPGs using the DicePunk System. To play this game, by the way, you're probably going to need at least three players (and probably no more than six or seven), some pencils, a character sheet, and a bunch of six sided dice. Each player's gonna want between six and twelve dice. The more copies of these rules you have around the table, the better.


Like a lot of roleplaying games, in this one you're going to use dice. You don't need to roll dice unless you're doing something that's kind of tricky or would have negative consequences for failure. So, driving your car to work would never require a Drive Test, but trying to drive through a police barricade while escaping from your workplace totally would. 

We only use six sided dice, because they're the easiest to find. As shorthand, we use the standard code of (Integer) d(ice)(#ofsides). For instance, “roll 1d6” means “roll 1 six-sided die” and “roll 5d6” means “roll five six-sided dice”. 

Just about all of the time when you “roll the dice” in a DicePunk System game, you're rolling 2d6. The main exception is damage rolls, which call for a variable number of dice depending on the weapon/Attack. In either case, you're adding the results of the dice together to find the sum.


There are a few types of primary dice rolls which determine if a character succeeds or fails at something. You either succeed or fail, hit or miss. Degree doesn’t matter.