System Reference Document


There are games where every piece of gear is kept track of in fastidious and exacting detail; this is not one of those games. Depending on your GM, starting weapons, armor, and vehicles are important, along with the gasoline and ammo you’ll need to keep them running, and maybe the medical supplies you’ll need to keep you on your feet. Everything else can be handily abstracted by the GM. Starting characters are assumed to begin with any miscellaneous gear they need (accommodation, food, clothing, a cell phone, etc.). Players receive starting weapons and vehicles based on their level of training in their respective Skills. Some high-quality weapons and vehicles take more than one Pick. For a BIG list of individual weapons and other gear, see the Equipment Lists page. 

Skill Level

Weapon/Vehicle Picks


Trained or less.





An Apprentice of Blades could start with a switchblade. An Apprentice of Drive could start with a Honda Civic.



An Expert of Pistols could start with two Glocks, or one Desert Eagle. An Expert of Bike could start with a badass Harley or with two wimpy Vespas.



A Master of Automatics could start with a Tec-9, a Mac-11, and two Micro-Uzis, or with two AK-47 assault rifles, or one Steyr-Aug assault rifle and one Micro-Uzi. A Master of Pilot could start with an attack helicopter. A Master of Blades could start with four switchblades, two rapiers, or a katana.