System Reference Document


To regain health naturally over time, you must spend at least eight hours doing nothing but resting. That means no fighting, no running, and no strenuous activity. 

Every eight solid hours of rest restores 2d6 + Strength points of Health


A successful First Aid Test can restore a few dice of health to a wounded character. First Aid can only be used this way once per day, and only once per wound, and only by a character with at least Apprentice level training in First Aid. 

First Aid must be used within one hour of the initial wound being sustained. Using First Aid requires a First Aid Kit or the Test will be made at substantial Penalty. Using First Aid takes at least five minutes. 

First Aid Skill Level

Health Restored

Apprentice (+1)

1d6 Health

Expert (+2)

2d6 Health

Master (+4)

4d6 Health


If a critical injury causes something gruesome to happen to a PC – like losing an eye or a limb – this, and any associated ad hoc penalties, cannot be healed simply by resting or First Aid. Professional medical attention at a hospital is required to fix such disfiguring and crippling wounds.