About Mikaela Barree

Mikaela Barree (Dwarf Druid 8), 28, cannot ascribe a single label to herself, as one of her biggest troubles is an insatiable interest in everything.

Though she received her BFA from SUNY Purchase’s now-defunct Dramatic Writing Conservatory in 2010 with a focus in writing for television, Mik has a passion for illustration and graphic design. Somehow, some way, she found herself both co-CEO and Art Director of End Transmission Games (a title which includes not just liaising with illustrators, but also layout, editing, graphic design, webmistressing, illustration, and the occasional foray back into writing).

Mik is a second generation geek, and a second generation tabletop designer; her parents met while playing her father’s homebrew tabletop RPG. Also a Celtic singer, recovering Ren Faire performer, and Scottish Highland dancer, Mik’s brand of geekery ranges far and wide, from an obsession with the Julio-Claudian Emperors to an addiction to tabletop RPG character creation.

She has been working with Devon to write and run games since they met in 2006 and can proudly say that she loves her work.

Mik has done some freelance work for Ember Games, and has worked with award-winning game designer and screenwriter George Strayton. Though she tends to keep busy with ETG, she is available for the odd bit of illustration or design work (you can contact her if you’d like to talk business at mikaela.barree(at)gmail(dot)com).