What is End Transmission Games?

Put simply... we're a small press game company run by gamers, for gamers.

We understand troubled relationships with - and mounting assortments of - polyhedral dice. We understand having to buy a second (or third) bookshelf just to house game collections. We understand the raw terror that can be struck deep into the hearts of players merely by a Game Master's smile.

We know. We've been there. And we love gaming so much, we've made it our life's work.

So, what kinds of games do you make?

This is a multi-leveled question. On the first level, we make tabletop RPGs. Our games are books that include guidelines for building your own characters, stories, and - at times - worlds using our rules. For the most part, all you need to play our games are the rulebooks, a set of dice (which type differs from game to game, though for the moment all our systems rely on 6-sided dice), and a group of friends. Think Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, or Hero System (and if you're truly lost, check out this explanation of tabletop roleplaying).

While we call ourselves an "indie" company, this is really only a codeword for being a small, personal company. In terms of tabletop roleplaying, we lean toward a more traditional style. For the most part, our games require one person to be the Game Master - to tell the story of the game, and to set up and run their own campaigns - and rely on dice to determine the outcomes of intended actions.

All our games use completely original rules. They do not require that you know any other game system to play them, and were created from whole cloth from the fine folks here at ETG.

Our History

While End Transmission Games is a new company, its members are by no means wet behind the ears when it comes to game design. Devon has been designing tabletop games for over a decade; he and Mik have been making games together since they met seven years ago. Both work professionally in the industry outside of ETG.

One of the first games ever created by the proto-ETG was an homage to the Don Coscarelli cult horror film, Phantasm. While the game was later re-worked into Phantasm (2010), other games came between its conception and final release - some of which were later developed into the products available here, and some of which were saved for later tinkering.

Devon and Mik met at the science fiction LARP, Systems Malfunction, in 2006. While Devon had created and began running Systems a year prior, Mik was quickly invited on-board as a staff member, and later as co-GM. While keeping Systems running into its eighth year (and counting!) the two have been working together as creative partners ever since.

Our Mascots


Lazarus Long


The Artful Dodger

Dodger is a four year old mutt who came to us via the PawSafe Animal Rescue. Dodger spends his days destroying the most expensive things he can get his paws on, stealing dice off the kitchen table, and learning escape artistry to rival Harry Houdini (so far he's mastered baby gates, zippers, and the hook on his leash). If he were a D&D creature, he would be a Hound Archon.

Lazarus, oft-times referred to as Lazlo, is a four year old tuxedo cat who was adopted from the Manhattan branch of the NYACC. He enjoys attacking the feet of his loved ones, knocking expensive things off of shelves for the dog to chew on, and batting dice around the table. Lazlo has a strange fixation with bagels. If he were a D&D creature, he would be a Rakshasa.