About Devon Oratz

Devon Oratz (Gray Elf Wiz 8) is a 29 year old writer and game designer. He wrote his LARP, Systems Malfunction in April of 2005 and has been GMing it ever since, through four and a half consecutive and complete reimaginings of the game's rules and setting. Devon received his BA in Creative Writing in 2008 from the Charles & Lily Lieb Port Creative Writing program at SUNY Purchase, and was thence imbued with such delightful skills as talking about himself in the third person with a straight face. His short story "Revelations" appears in the Spring '08 issue of Space and Time Magazine, as mentioned here.

From his early childhood onwards and especially after creating Systems Malfunction in 2005, Devon has been all about the game design. In that time, he has created: a handful of other LARPs still in the playtesting phase, a slew of complete (and free!) computer games, and half a dozen or more tabletop RPGs in various stages of completion. Of the many of those that he'd spent years and years on with absolutely no recognition, it was of course the one that he finished in just one day, Anathema (not to be confused with the cornucopia of other tabletop games that happen to be called Anathema) that won the February, 2011 Ronnie Award.

February, 2011 turned out to be a good month for Devon, since it was also the month he got his dream job (since the age of 10) working for Catalyst Game Labs as a freelance writer for Shadowrun, the greatest tabletop RPG ever created, a game which inspired Systems Malfunction, well, just as much as William Gibson inspired Shadowrun. Since then, Devon has received writing credits for numerous Shadowrun products: Street Legends, Corporate Intrigue, Artifacts Unbound, Street Legends Supplemental, Jet Set, The Clutch of Dragons, as well as being chosen for the design team of Shadowrun 5th Edition.

When not making video games, LARPs, and tabletop RPGs, Devon - being a total and irredeemable geek - is probably playing one of the above. When not doing that, being an enormous film buff, he searches for the elusive movie that he has not already seen, but might potentially enjoy.

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