About Us - An Overview

End Transmission Games is a mom and pop indie micropress that publishes original RPGs. Our first print release, S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R., was launched at the 2012 I-Con in Long Island, NY.

ETG began with the two-man wonder-team, Devon Oratz and Mikaela Barree, and we have since added a few new employees and a network of kick-ass freelancers.

We take pride in making games we'd want to play, and putting out quality products.

Who are you?

Devon Oratz - Line Developer, Co-Owner

Mikaela Barree - Art Director, Co-Owner

Thomas Caulfield - Staff Writer

Thom Caulfield (the H is silent) is a weedy asthmatic super-nerd - Brooklyn, NYC born and raised - who through some freak accident and/or miracle survived high school and graduated college. He now lends his unique perspective- as a heterosexual while cismale - to ETG's ongoing writing, game design, and general nerdery.

Here's what a few people had to say about our products:

"The author packs more creativity in a scant 27 pages than most would-be RPG designers do in hundreds."
-Jose F.

"The production quality is outstanding! I've had games I've paid for which weren't half as beautifully laid out and produced. I wish all game makers made product as lovely as this is."
-Mark M.

Want to know more?

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