• Psionics
    A Modern-Day Psychopunk RPG
    Your mind is the deadliest weapon the world has ever seen, and you can fly.


    Psionics uses the DicePunk System.

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    An RPG in Two Worlds
    Will you become a star, or a smear on someone else's highlight reel?

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  • Singularity System
    A setting-neutral sci-fi RPG
    A setting-neutral toolkit for science fiction roleplaying, adventure, and giant fighting robots in the far future.

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End Transmission Games

An Indie Gaming Micropress

End Transmission Games is an independent micropress that publishes tabletop Roleplaying Games. End Transmission Games was started by two people - Devon Oratz, Mikaela Barree. We are major geeks who eat, breathe, and sleep tabletop RPGs. If you feel the same way (and we hope you do), you'll probably feel right at home here.

Find out more about who we are and what we do on our About Us page, or browse around to learn more about our games. Feel free to drop us a line anytime - we'd love to hear from you.